Saturday, August 28, 2010

Nursery in a nook

My mum, sister and my brothers' wives surprised me with the gift of a little crib a few weeks ago. It was lovely to get one as a present, as we had never bought one for our babies, and it will be passed onto my younger sisters when they start their families one day.

I had been planning up until this gift to pop baby straight into her own room (as our room isn't big enough for the full sized cot). But with this gift, set to decorating a little nook in our room for our spring baby.

The garland was made using this Cakies tutorial, the beautiful birdy decals were from here (the rest are in the baby's room), the heart was an op shop find from some time ago, and do you spy Jess' gorgeous crocheted panda potholder? He is lovely.

Meet Emily, not a gift for the baby but for Jemima when the baby is born. You will no doubt recognise her as a Dandelion bunny (available from here). She is so beautiful, I want one too! I thought she looked right at home in this little scene, so I snapped a pic, then hid her away again!

I made the crib sheet out of a vintage sheet. The same one I used to back the baby quilt actually. It was my second attempt that was successful as the first turned out a little small. I used this tutorial over at made, but had to come up with my own dimensions.

The little artwork I made using patterns printed out from this website, was inspired very much by Castle and Things art, as well as the ladies over at Dottie Angel and Thimbly Things. I cut out letters and hearts freestyle using scissors and used a small paper doily, sticking everything on brown paper (which I had stuck to cardstock for extra strength.)

I met a lady with a tiny baby at the park this afternoon, who went to the same hospital I am going to. She was told she was having a girl, and in actual fact had a boy! She had a feeling she was having a boy, so it wasn't a huge shock, fortunately! I have no inklings about such things, but I have held onto Caleb's old clothes just in case they have it wrong... and I'm sure he won't mind if there are flowers and pink in his decor!


PottyMouthMama said...

Oh Bek, it all looks so beautiful! You are in a nesting flurry girl! How many weeks to go?

It looks fabulous, you've done a terrific job. Loving the bunny for Jemima. Love the LOVE!

Megan said...

Bek, it is all looking fabulous and just adorable! You're definitely on the go with the baby creativity now, everything is looking so organised and homely, your little one will hopefully settle in just perfectly in such a handmade with love environment. x

IndigoElephant :: Sash said...

What a lovely nook for you rlittle bubba! And I love the bunny for Jemima too!

Jennie said...

Very lovely and cozy. I have to find a present for our New Baby to give to her big brother!

Maggie May said...

how lovely! i am 26 weeks pregnant and really enjoying the preparation :)

Miss Muggins said...

That is such a beautiful seren space for your new baby.

LJ said...

It looks amazing!! How gorgeous. And love the quilt. When are you due?

Kristena said...

How adorable! And it means a lot to me that I helped inspire that super artwork!!! Love it.