Friday, October 16, 2009

Present for a Preschooler

I seem to know a lot of little boys who are turning 3 at the moment. And this is the present of choice.

I bought some alphabet flash cards from Yellow Mums that I had seen over at Sparkle Power. And made the drawstring bag from Heather Ross' book "Weekend Sewing" which is a great drawstring tutorial I must say.

I bought a big pack of cardstock from officeworks and resisted the temptation to buy a laminator.

I know these cards will probably get trashed, but hopefully the little guy will have fun in the process. As part of the gift I have offered to replace any cards that get ruined or lost. Like a free drinks refill.

(Sorry I accidently posted this before I was finished. All done now.)


Anonymous said...

Bek this is a REALLY lovely gift, and while the cards are great, I wish someone would give my kids a cute bag like that!

Kelly said...

I agree..what a fantastic can come to my kids parties any time?

Madeline said...

Perfect little tyke gift idea!