Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A new dress for summer

Truthfully, Jemima still fits into most of her handmade dresses and skirts from summer last year, but I felt like making her something else. It's a bit of a practice as I want to make her something similar to wear to my brother's wedding.

I have made something similar before using this tute, but I could never get the right dimensions (I may have mentioned before I lack the ability to be precise), and so when I saw this pattern from Wholegrain Baby I snapped it up after a moment or two of indecision (that's how I buy anything). It is a very easy pattern to follow with lots of pictures.

I discovered once more I am really bad at hemming stuff and making a neat casing for the elastic. Next time I hem something, I think I will do it by hand. Overall though, it was a very quick (even for me) project that I will use over and over again.

The fabric for this one was all in the stash. The sleeves are a thrifted bed sheet and the little roses for the main body of the dress were given to me by a stash buster last year some time.

Caleb is feeling a little left out in the crafting for the kids department and has been asking me for a "hoodie dress". I was a little bemused, but it makes more sense when you consider the attire of a jedi knight with the phrase "hoodie dress" in mind.


Kelly said...

Such a sweet dress. Just perfect for summer. I love the fabric you have used.

Sarah-Jo said...

great minds think alike :)
I love this dress jemima looks angelic in it!

thanks so much for the emil it means alot to me I will let you know how we get on xxx

varenia said...

ohmy! your daughter is gorgeous and i LOVE the dress! beautiful work!

are those boots or socks she has on with the dress? those stripes are fabulous :)

my son is also Jedi-obsessed and I have been contemplating a "hoodie dress" for him for Halloween... I'd love to see a post if you make one! too cute. I'm so glad I found your blog.

Tania said...

Great dress Mrs. I think your poppet needs three more. And what self-respecting boy kid wouldn't covet a hoodie dress?

Kate said...

Well done that little dress is so cute and as for the hoodie dress, can't wait to see it.

kawaii crafter said...

The dress looks darling and I like how you made the sleeves a different fabric. It adds a nice touch.

Madeline said...

Very pretty. A girl just "needs" a new dress every so often!