Monday, October 26, 2009

Eye Spy... something cuddly

Cindy asked me to choose the theme this week and I did it fast, like ripping off a bandaid. But it turns out to be a most appropriate theme for me today, as cuddling something cuddly is all one feels like doing today in rainy Sydney.

The wedding on the weekend was and delightful. The bride suitably stunning in a drop waisted strapless champagne coloured gown, the groom dapper in black skinny jeans, vest and skinny tie, the attendants all adorable and everyone could not be happier. It was a wonderful celebration of Luke and Savannah's new life together.

That said, we all missed the irrepressible Grandpa George terribly and just about all of us had a little tear at one point or another. Grandpa also did the message at my other brother's wedding last year, so he seemed particularly absent.

This little softie was a gift for Jemima from Grandpa George and Grandma Margaret just months before he died. We call him "Puppy George" and I take great comfort in giving him a big squeeze every now and then.

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Sally said...

Tears are welling up in my eyes after reading that.
A very special cuddle indeed.

Lisa said...

What a gorgeous gift to treasure.

kellie said...

So sorry for your loss. How lovely to have something to treasure and cuddle from him.

PottyMouthMama said...

Oh so sad, made me teary. I've been missing my Nonny of late too, I know that emptiness. Sigh.

Tania said...

Ceremony of any kind is such a big opportunity for emotion. Those tears were surely good tears and I'm so pleased there was a Puppy George to cuddle.