Friday, October 2, 2009

Not-so-russian dolls

I'm feeling rather organised because I have nearly finished my first bit of Christmas craft.

I bought a 5 piece unpainted babushka doll from Russian Treasures at the stitches and craft show. I had been umming and ahhhing about what to paint on them, and in the end I just thought, "oh just do it," and this is what I came up with last weekend.

I like the concept of my work, but the execution is a little weak. It's really hard painting around bends! I have no doubt Jemima will love it. She is always playing with this set which is less than half the size so members of the family are forever going missing!

I still need to gloss it up a little. I want it to be super shiny, but the varnish stuff I have is matte finish. Hmm do I make another purchase, or do I just make do?

This will be a gift for Jemima, but Caleb saw me working on it and wants a set too, so I might be making an online purchase in the near future.


Sarah-Jo said...

love them!

Cindy said...

Oh Bek I am in love with them. I think I NEED to have them - for the kids I mean. I love the painting you did on them too. I think I would get the shiny finish though

beck said...

Lovely little dolls! I like your paintwork too and I agree with Cindy, go for the shiny finish. What's next on the present making agenda? x

clare's craftroom said...

Oh my they look fantastic !

PottyMouthMama said...

They are super cute girlfriend - I love them! Well done!

Tania said...

Bek - what a fantastic notion! Definitely shiny finish (sorry) vote from me too! I hope you don't mind, but I would love to borrow that Christmas idea of yours...(?)