Monday, October 19, 2009

Eye Spy... bed

Not my bed, obviously, but the chambers of Miss Jem.

I took this photograph after a bit of an adventure. Chris was away, Caleb was at preschool, and the door knob broke with Jemima and I inside her room- just before I was about to put her down for a nap.

The only way out was through the window.

Can you see the fly screen I detached to make my escape resting against the wall? Can you also see that there is a shade cloth window covering on the outside, which made my exit most difficult? I was also wearing a long skirt which was making the task of clambering out the window impossible, thus had to remove said skirt, which was quickly put back on once outside...

Ah the hi jinx.

The door was openable from the outside, so I could set my little one free. Of course with all the excitement, there was no nap that day.

More beds here! Thanks Miss Muggins for the theme!

PS Cindy has asked me to come up with next week's theme. I hereby pronounce the theme to be... Eye Spy something cuddly. (Here is some inspiration...)


Madeline said...

That's quite an adventure! My. oh. my. I'm grateful now that Levi's bedroom has two know...just in case.

Miss Muggins said...

Oh Bek, I bet you can laugh about it now!

edward and lilly said...

So cute, what an adventure!