Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Takin it easy

A picture of something purple
by Caleb
(Taken by his very own Fisher Price digital camera)

We had one of those bonus days at home today where regular plans were cancelled. So the kids and I moved through the day at our own pace. 

Caleb did a "colour hunt" where he had to take pictures of different colours in the backyard. He took it very seriously with a pencil behind his ear, ticking the colours off his list as he went. Later he created his own board game with water colour paints and a die very poorly made by his mummy.

Jemima was captivated doing "water painting" outside. When her kangaroo picture disappeared, she painted another one. And another one.

We popped over to Grandma's for a cup of tea, then came home for Jemima to have a snooze, which she did do eventually.

I pottered about cleaning up Chris' and my room, doing a big load of washing of my own clothes, and cleaning the toilet (fascinating stuff, I know.... but strangely therapeutic).

Bedtime was hilarious with me demonstrating the "pull your own thumb off" trick to Caleb for the first time. He got such a shock and went into happy hysterics, which is always fun to watch. He hasn't quite worked it out and wanted me to give him my thumb so he could keep it on his bedside table. He spent the last few minutes before going to sleep trying to pull off his own thumb. What have I started!?

It was so good just to "be". Mummy and kids, not much happening, making our own fun and just hanging out together.

And now to have another cup of tea, perhaps work on a little painty project for a friend's birthday, and investigate if The Mentalist is on tonight.


Monique said...

Wow! I have just had exactly the same kind of day here. Cancelled all plans and just hung out with the kids pottering around. I think every now and again we owe it ot ourselves ( and our kids) to chill out and not be rushing out the door doing something. Glad you had a fun day. You sound like you deserved it.

CurlyPops said...

I remember that thumb trick. My pa used to do that when we were cute!

djStoreRoom said...

Congrats on having the day to yourself!! Its really a stress-buster! I try to chill out 1 day a week, so that I do not get burnout.. Being a mummy, wife and all can get out of hand.. So, remember to have that full day to yourself, each week!!


Madeline said...

I just adore days like that. Glad you had such a nice one.

Karen said...

I love, love, love days like this!
They are even better when it's raining and cold outside and you stay in your PJ's or 'comfy pants' (as my two call their trackky daks!) reading stories.
I love not having to rush the kids to get anywhere and this was reinforced by the fact that recently I overheard one of the girls say to her teddy 'come on Pinky - we're in a rush'.