Saturday, February 7, 2009

Back in the saddle

It has been a little while, maybe a couple of weeks, since I have sewn anything. I think the reason why is pure laziness. I couldn't be bothered getting the ironing board out, and then having the mess of a work in progress hanging about and all those little scraps of thread and fabric scattered across the floor. The heat doesn't help much either I guess. But enough whining!

Chris and I have a 21st birthday party to attend tonight, so I whipped up this little artsy clutch from Bend the Rules sewing. It is the second one I have made. Because the denim is so stiff on it's own, I didn't do the flannel facing as described in the book, making it an even quicker project. Chris has taken the kids to their swimming lessons this morning, which makes it an even quickerer project (haha who needs grammar). 

We need masks for this party, so that is my next trick. I want to make them pretty simple and quick, as I don't imagine folk wear their masks for long.

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