Monday, February 9, 2009

Want to help?

Blog land is buzzing with initiatives on how to raise money to help those effected by the bush fires in Victoria. 

Cindy from Bug and Pop has started a blog called Handmade Helps Out to assist in coordinating the efforts of the craft community. Basically, crafters can make something, and personally list it on Ebay and then donate the money raised to the Red Cross appeal

I am definitely going to list something (though I am not sure what yet), and I'll probably bid some too!

If you are interested in buying something that a crafter has made to this end, do a search for "Handmade Help" and "Red Cross" on Ebay. (Or you can also go to Etsy and search for "Bushfire"- there are a few initiatives happening there too.)

Pip over at Meet me at Mikes is constantly updating ways that we can help too. 

Thanks to everyone who has stepped up and organised fundraisers. You are amazing, truly.

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