Saturday, February 7, 2009

Shirr is easy

While the back room was still a disastrous mess, I decided to keep on sewin'. Shirring is something that I'd been keen to try for ages and had the shirring elastic sitting in a draw. I used this post as a guide.

Can I just say shirring is AWESOME!? So quick and easy and very very forgiving of little sewing foibles. The bandana dress was the first go and is probably about a size 4/5 as it fits Caleb (hee hee, don't tell Daddy), so that will go in the cupboard for a few years for Jemima, or become a gift down the track. The completely lazy appeal of the bandana dress is obvious- no hems, no finishing seams. Lurvely.

While I was on a roll I made a dress for Jemima to wear in the present. It is a close call, but it fits right this second. It's perfect for a hot hot hot day like today. But not outside for long as that moon tanner skin will be burnt in about a minute and a half.

I used the ribbon hem instructions for the lazy days skirt tutorial from the Oliver + S blog, which is a hem I highly recommend. The little halter neck straps can also be tie at the button to make it s strapless dress which looks so cute, but there are no guarantees her modesty will be protected.

All round, a good sewing day. (Oh and I made the masks for the party tonight too, but they are hardly blogable, so lets just pretend they are rad.)


Madeline said...

Jemima looks so cute in that dress!! She must be the best dress little gal in town.

Myra said...

Cute dresses for your little one.

Anonymous said...

Very cute Bek! I think it was actually your post that inspired me to finally pull out the reel of shirring elastic and give it a go myself.