Saturday, November 28, 2009

Fresh off the sewing machine!

Another one of these from Sparkle Power! Probably a long tunic rather than a dress. Not for Jemima, but for a little friend who turned 2 recently. The fabric was given to me last year some time, and I quite like those tiny swans. For the sleeves, I used left overs from the jedi robe, and the buttons are probably at least a couple of decades old, and are a perfect match in my opinion.


Sally said...

Those buttons are fantastic :)
Material is so sweet - what a very lucky girl to receive that fab frock as a pressie.

IndigoElephant said...

Bek, I'm loving reading your crafty escapades! Good on you for finding the time to be so crafty in the midst of mothering, wifeing etc!

Madeline said... very sweet!

Anonymous said...

ahh, the secret sewing!!! lot's of that happening here too, well lot's of cutting and planning - help need to start sewing!

A vintage button is always a good look, and I love the colours.