Saturday, November 21, 2009

Bath Mats Revisted

The last time I made bath mats, they became pot holders. I simplified the process somewhat and now I have 2 new (but old) bath mats made from 2 old boring bath mats and scraps from the stash. I tied them together with my cotton yarn every 10-15 cm or so.

Need a couple more to allow for washing days, but since we have bought no new towels since we got married (adult sized ones) I have plenty of old towels to work with... and need excuses to get new ones.


Kelly said...

Bek, what a great idea. They look really funky. I have lots of old bath towels to use up too..thanks for the inspiration

Gina said...

I like. I like a lot. At the moment we just use towels, so it would be great to pretty them up somewhat.

Did you use sheets or quilting cottons or a bit of everything to piece the tops?

Madeline said...

Those are very cute! What a clever idea.