Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pretty trinkets

On Sunday we also celebrated my new sister-in-law's birthday! I gave her the black pretties from the little selection above. The cream and purple rose earrings have secret recipients for this Christmas-which-is-fast-approaching!

I have blogged the earrings before I think (yes here!), and the hair clips are an idea I lifted from Heart of Light. I can't remember how I found these headbands, but aren't they pretty? I bought this one a little while ago, and can't figure out whether I should keep it or give it as a present. She makes the clips now too.

In other news, I took Caleb to "big school" orientation today. Oh he is ready, but there will be tears come February (mine.) I am a massive sook when it comes to an "end of an era", a "new beginning", or just being a proud mum of my "big" little boy in his new green floppy hat.



Sarah-Jo said...

oh congrats on the oreintation visit! we had o's second visit today and oh boy is he extra excited
we also got his uniform today and I almost cried when her tried it on, I cant believe they are off to school!
I will save my tears till I leave the school gate then I will be a mess xxx

Madeline said...

Oh. why. oh. why must they grow up so fast?! I'm such a teary eyed mama type. I cry when he outgrows clothes.