Monday, November 2, 2009

Eye Spy... shoes

Dressed to impress at my brother's wedding

My little girl really wanted a pair of "ballet shoes", so we went in search of her first pair of ballet flats. We soon found out that Jemima has broad feet compared with the general population of size 7 ballet flat consumers, and I will say there was some tears along the way.

Finally we found these sparkly purpley pink ones at Cotton On Kids, and they are a little big, but at least her feet don't bulge out of them.

The skirt I made from vintage fabric in my stash from the Lazy Days skirt pattern.

Many thanks to Anastasia for this week's eye spy theme, and to Cindy for hosting.


Gina said...

Oh, they look adorable. The shoes AND the children.
I realise that I read the post about your brother's wedding and didn't comment because I clicked through to their pictures (nosey parker that I am) and got carried away oggling at how fabulous everyone looked. Loved the bridesmaids dresses. So do we get to see what YOU wore? Tee hee.

Sally said...

I too have broad feet... it is a blessing and a curse. Good sturdy foundation for lots of walking but never very good for high fashion - especially pointy toes!
I think the purple ballet flats are great. Both your children look adorable.

Weezie's Woolies said...

Who doesn't need a pair of purple sparkles every now and then?!

jaboopee said...

sparkly purply pink shoes....heaven...and a beautiful princess to wear them.....really cute photo

Madeline said...

Oh. they're so cute! A girl's just gotta have her shoes!

Jade said...

Oh I'm glad she got some - every little girl needs some sparkle shoes! They both look so cute in that pic :)

Cindy said...

Oh poor little pumpkin! Poppy has really wide feet and is a nightmare to find shoes for. She looks so gorgeous