Sunday, November 8, 2009

Today I gave my mum a bag

I wasn't going to blog this today, but for some reason blogger wasn't letting me upload certain photos from iphoto, so I just took what I could get! Anyways, on with the post!

It was my mum's and sister-in-law's birthday lunch today and mum had asked me to make her a bag. I made Dad a man bag for Christmas last year (and I am pleased to report he uses it daily and it hasn't fallen apart. Hooray!). So it was her turn for a Bek-made bag.

I was determined to make it completely from the stash because I have plenty of fabric and was sure it was possible. As a result, I used contrasting rather than matching thread, and didn't have enough lining for the handles. There is an error in the pattern so I underestimated how much fabric I needed.

It is the "Everyday Tote" from Heather Ross' book Weekend Sewing. (Errata here if you are planning to make one.) The pocket I made using this tutorial.

It is huge and so very green, which gave me the old "handmade gift anxiety", but mum seemed to really like it. I like it too. I would love a light denim one with two gathered pockets on the front and a mini floral 30s reproduction fabric lining (not that I have thought about it or anything). But I won't be making anything for myself for a while with Christmas around the bend.

It looks a little like I am giving you all the bird here, but I am most certainly not!


CurlyPops said...

That's such a lovely gift - great colour!

Tania said...

That's my kind of bag - and I'm liking the sound of your own too (not that you'd given it any thought!)...

Sally said...

Great bag :)
You could always make one for yourself for Christmas - couldn't you?

Madeline said...

Well, no wonder she liked it. It looks like the perfect bag...big and cute!

Angie said...

Great bag....glad to have that link to the errata as I plan to make this some day soon.

Anyway I was also popping in to say you are the winner of my giveaway so let me know your address & I'll post it your way


edward and lilly said...

That is too cool, the perfect size and I love the little pocket on the front.