Saturday, September 26, 2009

The evolution of 2 pot holders

Sometimes the best laid crafty plans go awry.

Plan A: I saw this tutorial an age ago and about 3 months ago set out to give it a try. Old towel? Check. Cool vintage fabric? Check. Ability to be precise? ummmm. My measurements and cutting and so on were not nearly accurate enough it turned out and the project started turning into a disaster.

Plan B: I decided against proceeding with the criss cross business and thought I would just quilt a couple of towels together with my fabric using this method and my new walking foot. Did my walking foot come with instructions? No. Did I try and just "figure it out"? Yes. Did I do it right? No. Did it make a mess of it? Yes.

So I abandoned this project and put it in the scrap bin. A month or so later I made an unfortunate discovery involving a cockroach and my pot holders at the time. Out with the rubbish went my old pot holders. That's all I want to say about that.

Plan C: I saw this tutorial via this post on Soulemama and rather than do the fabric collage I just used the best bits of my bath mat massacre. I pulled out the light blue backing from my stash. The pot holders have 2 layers of towel making them too thick to top stitch them closed, so I hand sewed the opening closed in front of the telly on Wednesday night.

Come Thursday these things were hot property in this house. Cries of "Give them to me!", "I don't want just one, I want both of them!" could be heard. I drew the line at allowing them out of the house with us when I took Caleb to his Speech Pathologist.

So there you have it. A pot holder's journey into existence. A not quite fascinating tale of making do with what you have, assisted by the crafty interwebs.


Anonymous said...

inspired by the nasty cockroach! now there's some sewing motivation!! don't worry about a bit of hand sewing where the machine won't go, that's called "hand finished".

btw, my baking can often be found wanting, and we're partial to a good choc chip muffin. check out the white wings choc chip muffins, there's a pack with two varieties inside, so you can make 6 at a time or more cupcake sized. mmmmmm:)

Madeline said...

Ha! I love hearing the stories behind craft projects. Glad you got your potholders...even if it did require some prodding by roaches.

Karin said...

Such a funny story, I was grinning out loud while reading it :-) I'm glad to read it all turned out well ;-)