Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tutu skirt. Again.

Another tutu experiment. I am resisting buying one of these sorts of things, but nothing I make is quite as cute as shop bought... yet. So I keep trying. This one inspired by here.

The main problem with this one is the tulle again. It is that really stiff netting stuff that I keep using only because I have a bunch of it at home. It doesn't look that bad in the photo. In RL it really does stick out at all weird angles. I really need to go get some bridal tulle. Later. I'm over tutus for the time being.

I'm sure I'll get the urge again. Especially since Jemima is becoming a ballerina before my eyes.


Sarah-Jo said...

hey Bek I have to say Ive found some amazing bridal tulle at my local fabric store in an array of beautiful colours and Im so tempted to splash out and buy some

BUT Iris already has enough flouncy/tutu skirts PLUS there is a ballet dance shop at the top of our street with an assortment of cheap tutus

keep experimenting its fun!
love the skirt in the link its like fairy floss!so pretty I can see why you were inspired ;-)


ps iris is in love with Rosie im finally letting her play with ehr (supervised lol) you should sell them your detailing is fabulous!

Gina said...

Oh, tulle, I doubt I'll be seeing any of that in my house any time soon! Looks so fun to play with...

clare's craftroom said...

I like your little tutu . I found rinsing them takes some over the overstiffness out .

Madeline said...

It looks adorable in the photo. But, I know how RL can make quite a difference. Good luck with future tutu adventures.