Sunday, August 2, 2009

Eye Spy... a collection

(Image from here)

I keep dropping the eye spy ball, but here I am this week, ready to play.

I used to collect stamps. I'm not sure why exactly. Some adult got me into it and got me started, but I can't remember who it was. I used to get given scraps of envelopes with the stamps affixed and I would soak them in hot water and peel them off. Does that still work for the modern "sticker" stamp? I could try it out, but I don't think I will.

I also used to collect rocks. Not your everyday rocks, semi-precious stones and so on. My favourite lump of mineral was my "snowflake obsidian". Not sure where that is now.

Yes I was (am) a nerd.

Many thanks to Hoppo Bumpo for this week's theme! More Eye Spy here (thanks to Cindy!)


Christina Lowry said...

Hi pot, this is kettle, I had rock and stamp collections too! Shhhh...

My great uncle was an avid stamp collector and would give us stamps he had doubles of, thus began the collection. Then all the relatives would save their stamps and give them to me. I gave them all away and now I wish I hadn't and that I could give them to Cohen.

I started collecting semi-precious stones at a trip to a market one day. I convinced my dad to buy me a piece of polished rose quartz. Now I have quiet a collection and used to work in jewellery, which added to the collection. I also made some jewellery out of some of the pieces. :)

rachel @ teawithlucy said...

Hi Bek

I had a rock collection too. I'm sure my mum still has it somewhere! Your post reminded me about that long lost box of rocks!

PS Your link over at bugandpop seems to be broken.

Bek said...

Thanks Rachel- I spelled my url wrong. oopsy!

Jenaveve said...

I used to collect stamps too, and do the whole process with soaking them off in hot water, drying them on tea towels. It was all very methodical and felt like I was capturing a little bit of history with every stamp.

I still have them... lord knows why?!!

Madeline said...

Nerds make the coolest adults anyway. At least, that's my theory, and I'm totally sticking to it. :)

Cindy said...

I love your collections - I like the ones you wouldn't expect. It was best when you were kids, everything sounded like a good idea to keep forever.