Sunday, August 16, 2009

Singlet + Skirt = Singlirt

When not DIY-ing, we were at the Reptile Park. Caleb catching flies.

What a week! Chris and I are officially DIY-ers and officially don't think much of it. Our place is in need of a fresh coat of paint. It is not TERRIBLE, but it is cream throughout, and our home is about 7 years old, and it would seem that the trend in newer homes is for the original paintwork to be the cheapest quality around. I have tried washing the walls, and the paint comes off!

So a week of leave for Chris later, we have painted... our bedroom. That's it! We did everything though, the ceiling, the door frames, everything. It looks much fresher and less creamy which is lovely. We painted in Dulux Antique White USA which is apparently the most popular interior colour in Australia. So clearly we are not-so-innovative, but happy nonetheless.

Anyway, onto sewing! I have been looking at these sorts of dresses and really like them. They are a dress without being too dressy and look so comfy. They also look mighty easy to make oneself. Even for me. So I used a singlet that I never wear anymore and an ankle length elasticized waist skirt that needed updating and came up with this little number.

There is nothing to say really, except that I sewed them together with a zig zag stitch. Then I cut about 30cm off the hem and made a tie out of it.

Overall I am fairly pleased, but the reason I didn't wear the singlet was it was a little small for me these days, so making it into a dress doesn't change that- I am really sucking in my gut for this picture. Also, the skirt is quite see-through, so I need to wear my slip. Not a bad thing, but makes the outfit a bit more fussy to wear. I can see another one or two of these in the works for summer.

Oh, and a shout out to Gina for her generous giveaway that I was the lucky recipient of! A little bag filled with surprises. Hopefully I will be a-blogging some craftiness done with the contents soon!


Gina said...

Oh Bek, I think it looks really pretty and very flattering. I've wondered about making the same type of thing, but maybe with a mens dress shirt for the bottom. And then I remember how uncomfortable I feel in singlet tops, and wonder weather the dress would work. I guess at least you don't have to worry about tucking-in or that sort of thing...

Sarah-Jo said...

LOVE the family shot!

the singlet skirt dress is a fabulous reconstructed piece well done!

Madeline said...

That looks perfect for summer! And, congrats on all the painting. That is one diy job that never fails to take way longer than expected.

rachel @ teawithlucy said...

Talk to me about Antique White. I've been holding a swatch of this up on every wall in my house for the past month. Worried it might be a bit pink? Do you love it?

Marina said...

Hi, I've just found you via Google searching for sewing a skirt onto a singlet! I'm trying to do one for my little girl as I think they're such a great idea. Am trying to get up the courage to overlock mine together and am hoping the machine doesn't chew up the whole thing. Anyway, love your "Singlirt"!