Saturday, August 8, 2009

It's Party Time, Excellent.

Twas le grande 5th Birthday Party on Saturday. A "SPACE" party to be exact.

Was a bit of an old school do with pass the parcel and some craft, as well as beating the snot out of a pinata.

Was a whole bunch of fun.

5 year olds are different from 4 year olds. En masse, 5 year olds make their own fun a bit more it would seem to me- must be something to do with social development. No sooner had the children arrived had the party started rocking. The first (unplanned) activity was to run around like crazy and make a whole lot of noise with no real purpose. My 27 year old brother ran around with them for about 5 minutes and completely exhausted himself.

We made a "rocket" out of boxes and masking tape. Which repeatedly fell over throughout the rest of the party. Sometimes on purpose. Good times.

Pass the parcel went on a bit long really. (I had lost count of how many layers I had done, and had kept on doing "one more for luck"). Chris danced to keep the kidlets entertained throughout.

Later we made light sabers out of moldable balloons and toilet rolls like they did over at this great blog, Zakka Life. And like Jessica suggested, we used a bubble machine to have a bubble battle with our new weapons. Unfortunately the bubble machine was having issues, but the kids thought it hilarious to all crowd around it and flail their light sabers madly at it before the bubbles ever had a chance at freedom. The scene was not unlike a fish feeding frenzy with balloons flapping about in the place of the frothing water, and grinning 5 year olds in the place of the hungry sea creatures below.

While they were in a frenzy we thought it a good time to bring out our astronaut pinata. A few moments of hilarity ensued while the little jedis turned their aggression onto the hapless astronaut who bopped madly about, without so much as a dent. A few good whacks with a small baseball bat sent the goodies flying.

Behold, the cake! Caleb and I designed it. Let me talk you through it. It is an alien with 3 eyes wearing "undiewears", arm warmers and pants- but no shirt. The original had nipples too, but I censored them so as not to offend any delicate sensibilities at the party.

The extravagance of our little old school party was a helium tank. Chris enjoyed what helium joy he could with me around spoiling his fun by being responsible.

I made up a little bag for the kids for their pinata loot and also put together a little take home craft activity involving green playdough, pom poms, feathers, googley eyes, and coloured matchsticks.

Caleb had a ball. And that's what it was all about. Five is well worth the celebration.


Jacqui said...

Most excellent!
was Caleb wearing a red nasa suit?
he looks like he was having a ball! and ha ha no nipples for the delicate!

Ann said...

Wow!! That sounds like the best party ever!!! Low-key and super impressive all at the same time. I definitely know who to come to for tips when Isabelle and Dylan start to actually understand what the whole birthday thing is about.

Bek said...

Yep he is wearing a red nasa suit- was a christmas present last year. Is a bit on the tight side these days! This kid is growing like you wouldn't believe.

Monique said...

Great party. I love your take home bags. We have the roosters party this weekend and was planning a take home that didn't involve sugar a little treasure of sorts for the kids but your craft idea rocks!

pepper said...

what an awesome party!
also, I just tagged you!
x Pepper

13mimosa said...

Happy birthday buddy!

Madeline said...

What a party! I bet Caleb's grin made the entire thing worth it. He looks thrilled!!

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday to Caleb. It looks like it was a great party :)