Monday, June 8, 2009

No crochet=dollies

I have been missing my crochet this long weekend whilst on myself imposed crochet leave. So I have been making these gals. They are of course using the black apple doll pattern (again! again! again! yep I love these little dolls.). I was yet again inspired by Miss Emily's new doll recently. (She is such an artist, and I am such a copy cat). Those little stubby legs make for cute toddleresque dollies- and the legs are easier to turn inside out and stuff too. I decided to machine sew the seam closed this time as unfortunately my hand sewing sux. So it doesn't look as finished off, but it will be much more durable.

 3 of these little pretties are gifts for some little friends I know, and the white blonde one will probably live with us. The kids have already named her Princess.

This little girl was the inspiration for the white blonde dolly, and here she is posing with her softie love. This is Kea, named thus because she is from Ikea. She loves this animal ever so much, and will hold her tenderly and say "Kea's my baby", and the next thing you know, she is flying across the room. Oh so tenderly, of course.


beck said...

How hilarious and adorable. She will make a very good mummy one day! Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog, I love your new banner/photo by the way. those sunnies are amazing x ps your dollies look cute!

Madeline said...

Those dolls are so cute! No wonder you're hooked on making them.

13mimosa said...

Very sweet faces - did you sew them on or did you use fabric pens? They are all so neat!

Sarah S-B said...

Hello! I have found your blog while 'doing the rounds'!! These dolls are so cute & you are very clever!!