Sunday, June 7, 2009

Eye spy... something in bloom

Jennifer Rose gave us a multiple choice eye spy this week. Eye spy a scar was the other one, but this is so much prettier to look at! These gardens were incredible in real life. I would love to go back there.

Although... let's talk scar like things... a week or so ago I was covered in homemaker injuries. Little burns, paper cuts, dried out hands to the point of splitting, and I kept pricking my fingers with pins. Obviously the OH & S procedures around this place need an overhaul. 

Now it is most unfortunate that I seem to have a crochet injury. Nothing to see, just a loss of sensation in my left forearm and the occasional spasmy feeling down my arm to my little finger. Oopsy. I have rested myself from crochet for the past two days and the sensation in my arm is returning. For now, the beanies will have to wait. 

Thanks for the theme Jennifer Rose, and to Cindy as always for hosting. 

PS I still have 2 places available in my Pay it forward. 


Christina Lowry said...

The garden looks amazing. Great photo.

I love going to the botanical gardens at Mt. Coutha, Qld, and wandering around the Japanese garden there. There is also a beautiful Japanese garden in Toowoomba and one in Ipswich...

I do hope your crochet injuries heal! I will have to be careful myself! :)

Madeline said...

Hope your injuries heal up. I have a similar problem if I knit or crochet too much. Mine starts out with a lot of pain in my wrists then moves on to numbness in my forearm. Mostly, I've had to back off on both activities, but when I do take up my needles or a hook I now wear adjustable wrist bands. They're made for injured wrists, and they definitely help.