Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pay it forward

I have seen this little nicety doing the rounds for a little while, and now have the opportunity to join in. I found Brooke's lovely blog when I was pottering around the Sew Mama Sew giveaway. Thanks Brooke!

Here's what happens:

~I will make a handmade gift for the first 3 interested people who comment on this post.
~I have 365 days to do it in…
~What it will be and when it will arrive is a total surprise!

The catch is that you must participate as well:

~you must have a blog
~and before you leave your comment here, write up a pay it forward post on your blog to keep the fun going.

Just cut and paste this one if you like, which I did!


Myra said...

Count me in, I will make a mention on the old blog...

Myra said...

Actually, a play it forward post has been made.

pepper said...

oh what fun! let's! i was just wondering what I should make next.. :)

Megan said...

ooh i would love to join in with this, sounds like a great idea and i do love getting (and giving) surprises!