Thursday, March 3, 2011

A little dress

I had intended this to be a Christmas present for Eve, but simply ran out of makey time at the end of last year. I finished it sometime late January/Early Feb, so not a bad effort really. It is still a little bit big for her, but it looks pretty sweet.

It is the Crossover Pinny and Nappy cover pattern from Bettsy Kingston. I have the nappy cover cut out, but when I was about to sew it together (about 2 months ago), someone dropped in out of the blue and I have never picked it up again.

Thankyou for all Miss Eve's get well wishes! I kept meaning to pop back in here and say that she was doing fine, but I kept forgetting, which is not very nice if anyone was worried about her. Sorry! She is now 6 months, so she will be making her appearance soon in her monthly pic post!

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the perfect pear said...

now isnt that just adorable!