Saturday, March 19, 2011


When I discovered Hillary Lang of Wee Wonderfuls was writing a book, I knew that one day it would be mine. I send my husband a wish list on email with links in November each year and he uses my list to buy me my Christmas and birthday presents. It's not necessarily romantic, but it works! And thus, the book of softies was mine in January.

The kids and I looked through the book, and Jemima fell in love with "Mermaiden". I was going to make her a Folkster for her birthday, but she was so taken with this little lady, I changed my mind. This is actually the second one I made, but didn't take a picture of the first before it became my niece's birthday present. I don't often make the same thing more than once, but I actually enjoyed the process more second time around.

I decided to give her the mermaiden the day before her birthday, so that I could enjoy her enjoying her handmade present without the distraction of all the other stuff she was soon to acquire. Selfish? She wasn't complaining! She looooved mermaiden more than anything I have ever made for her, and took her around town with her all day. I really enjoyed that! So much so, that in future I think I will give the kids anything I have made for them on their birthday eve. Why not?

The birthday party preparations have been in full swing for a few days now. I wouldn't say it was a complicated party: in fact I have tried to keep it as simple as possible, but it's still a lot of work! I would be happier if it would stop raining, but it is a rainbow party (yep, I am making one of these), so the rain is in theme I guess!


CurlyPops said...

How sweet! I didn't realise that Hilary Lang had written a book. Off to booko I go!

Christina said...

Super cute! Hope it all goes well. The cake looks like lots of fun too!


Madeline said...