Saturday, March 26, 2011

6 (and a bit) months

I wasn't as organised this month for her "6 month shoot". Since becoming 6 months she has pretty much been sick the whole time. First up was the bronchiolitis, secondly she had frighteningly high fevers for several days, breaking out in a rash and generally being tired and miserable, and now she has been hit with a cold and a rattly chest. Poor little dear. Up until this barrage started, she had not been even a little bit sick.

But I had to get cracking with her picture as she will be seven months in a week and a half!

She is a beauty.

See Eve grow.


m.e (Cathie) said...

absolutely beautiful smile!
hope she feels better soon. great pic Bek, she definitely is a beauty.

Madeline said...

Hope she's better soon. Poor Dear.

Jennie said...

Such a happy smile! Love the singlet.

karlyn Jackson said...

She sure is! hope your little poppet is better soon.