Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Girl with the Flaxen Hair

Image by ESJAYcreative

My dear Jemima Rose turned 4 yesterday. That is her in the above image that my sister photographed. The addition of the rainbow was my request as I am going to use the picture in her rainbow birthday party this weekend.

FOUR! I am feeling so sooki. I am going to be hopeless when they are really grown up. *sigh*

Happy Birthday Princess Peach xo


Jacqui said...

Oh happy bday Jems, Bek - you are just going to have to enjoy all the cuddles you can with little Eve - until she grows up too. Is there anyway we can keep them little and cute forever?

Lizeylou said...

Happy birthday Jemima Rose. I hope the rainbow party is just wonderful!

Bubby Makes Three said...

what a gorgeous, gorgeous photo! Hope you have a lovely day and yes, I'll be slightly horrified when Fern turns 4 (actually, Ill be horrified when she's 3!) At least we have little babies.... but even they are growing waaaaay too fast, right?!

Kate said...

What an amazing photo!
I think I'll lose it when Miss Pepper turns 4 as she is my last and 4 is most certainly not a baby anymore. I think a rainbow party is the best theme ever and think we might need to have one here too.
Happy birthday!