Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tissue box cover

A couple of years ago it would never have crossed my mind that I would one day desire a crocheted tissue box cover, much less be inspired to make one myself. But that is exactly what happened a few weeks ago.

I used this smashing tutorial over at The Royal Sisters and in my usual style started and unravelled the project about 5-6 times, but once I got going, it was just a case of grannying away.

I am posting by way of distraction this afternoon. My baby is sick. Not sick sick I don't think, but you never know if things will go that way... and that is the root of my anxiety. She has had a cough and a rash, but is still smiling and rolling and chatting away. I am watching her like a hawk, and thanks to the Doctor we saw this morning, I have a pretty good plan should things get worse. Isn't it the pits when the little ones get sick?


CurlyPops said...

Isn't it funny how all the things that our nana's had that we hated, now we love!

Carmel's Closet said...

Yes, it's a bit scary - I'm seriously considering making a crochet doll toilet roll cover and have spent the afteroon googling a tutorial I can understand.
Have a great week.

Christina said...

Oh sweet! I've been wanting to try my hand at this too. Nana and proud I think. Though my husband is a bit worried now that I have crocheted my first doily!

Hope your little one is ok. All the best.


Jennie said...

My personal problem when my child gets sick is when I really don't think it's serious but I still feel that I MUST get confirmation from my non-bulk-billing doctor two suburbs away by public transport... I usually try asking my local pharmicist first, he's a few minutes walk away and he's free!

I love the black & white you've used, very modern.

Maxabella said...

Hahahahaha... loved your opening line to this post. I can't say I've ever had a crochet-tissue cover moment, but how often do we catch ourselves thinking these things? I shudder to think what 'ten years ago me' would think of 'current me'. I would be SCORNFUL... I am a much nicer person these days, obviously! :) x

Maxabella said...

Oh, and I'm so sorry your bubba is sick. I was up all night last night with a vomiting babe and it was heartbreaking. She calmed at around 4am and woke with a sunny smile and a 'what're we doing today?' at 6am. I dragged myself out somehow and wondered all morning why they let mothers operate heavy machinery... Hope she is okay! x

Kate said...

Oh I do hope little Eve is ok.
Someone once told me that you don't know the definition of worry before you have kids and it is so true.
I love the crochet tissue box too.

Megan said...

Great tissue box cover! I remember there being one a bit like that in my house when I was little.

Hope your bub got better without getting sicker, rashes are scary :(

Lea said...

Gorgeous tissue box cover and a cute little nook as well. You have a lovely blog.