Friday, December 17, 2010

Old baubles become new again

I felt inspired by Pip's crocheted baubles, but left my run too late to find clear baubles in stock anywhere. I thought about crocheting around these old Ikea baubles I bought when Chris and I first got married 9 years ago, but then got another idea. What I did with my trusty glue gun is fairly self explanatory! You can see the red bauble in this post. You can also see a crocheted heart from Pip's tutorial I made last year.

In a few years our tree will be positively festooned with handmade goodness. It will be a different tree than this one (also 9 years old) as it has lost one of its more substantial branches. I thought about replacing it this year, but I'll get one in the sales. (Dreaming of a "real" Christmas tree for one day- but didn't fancy having it on our carpet which is less than 6 months old!)

1 comment:

m.e (Cathie) said...

great idea! suits me as I can't crochet at all.
our tree has handmade decorations & paper tags which I love more because it means more.
Happy weekend to you Bek ♥