Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy Girls

I hope you had a lovely Christmas! We had a really great day, which kind of turned into 3 days in a row of family get togethers. Great loot was given and gotten and hanging out with family is always rewarding.

Plus, I finished Eve's doll sitting around at my mum and dad's chatting and stitching. I am so happy with this one. This time I embroidered her face before attaching the hat which made it easier to hide the knots. I bought the felt for this doll from Winterwood which I think made all the difference. The wool felt for the original doll (which I bought off ebay) was just too thin and stretched when I stuffed the head.

As for the original doll, she will be going to a new home today. I hope she will be loved! I have a soft spot for her now!

ETA: The pattern I used to make this doll was from this pattern. I had a few questions about construction and Hillary Lang herself was very helpful!

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Sally said...

The doll looks fantastic!!! ... I just sent you an email asking about it.

Well done you!!!