Thursday, July 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Keristofa

Well, hello.

Today is Chris' birthday. Happy Birthday honey!

We had a roast dinner and a delicious Vienetta to celebrate and wore personalised party hats. Yeehaw!

We each made him a card and Caleb and I had a special present to give that we worked on together. Last week Caleb was experimenting with mixing colours, and I thought the end result looked cool. So I scanned in his paintings and went to Snapfish online and ordered a collage poster. It happened to be on sale at the time and including postage cost about $15. Not bad I thought.

The frame is one from Ikea that I had lying about (we have them breeding in this place) and the poster size wasn't quite right. I was determined to make some kind of matte without having to buy anything new. This one is made out of a manilla folder and some fabric, using masking tape and my sewing machine. I am still into yellow in my home decorating. Tis so cheery.

Oh, and he got a Wii. I have to say, it is a LOT of fun.


pepper said...

oh cute! yellow is a lovely cheeriness! (have a lovely weekend!)

Gina said...

Oh, yes, the yellow, it's such a happy colour. I should splash some more around here! What a great present idea too... great work.

Miss Muggins said...

what an ace celebration. I haven't had Vienetta in years. Does it still taste the same?