Monday, July 6, 2009

The comfort of a cardigan

My love for the cardigan is so well known that friends of friends used to refer to me as "cardigan Bek". I didn't mind at all.

It is my Dad's birthday this week, and in light of recent events I wanted to make him something that was comforting and warm. I found this cardigan pattern on Burdastyle and went to it. The fabric range at spotlight was disappointing at the time, but this "tracksuit" fabric is actually quite snuggly, and really that was the feel I was going for. I downloaded a free family crest from a website I now can't find anywhere (I will try and find it and link it here), and printed it onto printable fabric for an applique on the chest. (You can buy a family crest PDF from several websites that are a better resolution, but I went for the cheapie option this time.)

I had to give it to him early so I would stop putting it on. It really is a comfort to wear. Made with the loss of my Grandpa and my grieving Dad in mind, the weight of the fabric and the nod to family, I am so happy with how it turned out. And it fits him!

It was my first attempt at sewing with "knits" and I found it not so different to wovens. Just a stretch stitch and a ball point needle and not having to finish all the seams. An overlocker would make it look a bit nicer inside out, but Dad is unlikely to wear it that way so it hardly matters.

I made a heap of mistakes, but nothing that couldn't be unpicked. I have been trying to not get so frustrated by mistakes and embrace them as part of the process. Getting there.

Thanks again to everyone who has left a message of support last week. It is very much appreciated.


Gina said...

Bek that is so amazing, and very precious. What a thoughtful thing to make for your dad to help both celebrate and grieve your grandpa.

Jacqui said...

nice work - cardigan Bek!
I am wearing one today - infact every day really short sleeve long sleeve - just cant go wrong! Terrific cardy for your dad! very very "the graduate" how appropriate!
So sorry to hear about your grandad, look forward to meeting him in heaven one day too with our great saviour who gives us hope, and cardigans, praise God!

Madeline said...

Cardigan's are the epitome of comfort, and that one sounds especially so. It looks wonderful and snuggly.

Bird Bath said...

I'm sorry about your grandpa. May you remember him with love and comfort.

The cardigan is wonderful, I'm sure your father will treasure it and your sentiment. top job.