Sunday, March 1, 2009

Eye Spy... something that makes me happy

My "littler" brother (pictured above with Jemima at my "little" brother's wedding last year) announced his engagement to his very sweet lady friend late last night! They went on a romantic cruise, and he proposed in a park on the way home where he had arranged for someone to set up a picnic, and his guitar so he could sing her a song he'd written just for her. 

I am so thrilled for the two of them! 

Hmmm, will I brave another quilt? Will I paint another portrait? The wedding is likely to be in October, so there is time to consider the crafty consequences of their impending union.

Thanks to Iris + Lily for the happy theme, and Cindy for hosting!


Cindy said...

Congrats for them, nice work by little bro too.

Madeline said...

That certainly is happy! Congrats to your little bro and his fiance!!

futurelint said...

um, that portrait is the cutest thing ever! I'd open a little etsy if I were you! I'd totally buy a portrait like that and use it on the invites (if and when I get engaged!)