Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Four, Freestylin, Fashion

Caleb is four.

He makes up his own rules. For fashion. For freestyling craft.

He spent at least an hour making these birds, a concept and design all of his own. The only thing I did was tear off some masking tape when it was requested of me. He made a daddy bird for daddy, a mummy bird for mummy, and a baby bird for Jemima.

I had to consciously decide not to give instruction and just see where the activity went, and asking "what do you think you could do?" when he asked me to solve a crafting quandary. I tend to like to give a little direction, especially when white glue is involved! But we were outside on the yucky outdoor table, so I chillaxed. I'm glad I did, because it was really worthwhile to see what he came up with (cute!) and he is so pleased with the outcome. 

Oh I love craft.


Loz and Dinny said...

highly impressive crafting! Caleb is a natural - he'll be starting his own craft blog soon! Thanks for your encouraging comment - very scary but very exciting!

Cindy said...

Nice work, I think it is so easy to talk for them instead of letting them go, just habit when you have to fill in words for them all the time. He did a GREAT job.

My Big Mouth said...

Isn't cute?!
I work at a preschool,all my children are 3-4 and they are the same way.I give them craft supplies and away they go.I love the descriptions of each one.

Madeline said...

Oh, how sweet! I bet he had so much fun!

edward and lilly said...

hehe, those birds are awesome and I love his groovy pants, I'd wear them!

futurelint said...

those are so cute! And are those BANDANA shorts?!?! Amazing!