Saturday, June 5, 2010

Op shop chic

I am now officially up to date with my wedding presents! I haven't sent these to the recipients yet, so hopefully they don't check my blog too often... I am a now or never sort of blogger I guess!

Op shopped doilies on black cotton drill with Ikea backing fabric = place mats. I quite like them myself.

It is good to see the sun out today. I ended up with a "mini flu"* this week, spending all of yesterday in bed listening to the rain- which would have been lovely if it wasn't for feeling completely shattered! I think I am on the mend today- at least I am out of bed and am thinking about doing my hair. Both good signs of improvement.

* I refuse to call it the flu as I went to the trouble of having a flu shot a few months ago


Allana said...

your placemats look great!
hope you get completely better soon, no fun being sick :(

Madeline said...

Those look great. Glad you're getting better. The flu (mini or not) is never fun.

Miss Muggins said...

Great job on the placemats.Hope you are well soon.