Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Loving doily craft

The recipient of this gift, Megan, has safely received her goodies, so I can safely blog without ruining her surprise.

I was inspired to make an artsy clutch in these fabrics (from Bend the Rules Sewing) because I loved my placemats so much (!) I had intended to put the doily closer to the button when the bag is closed, but my addled brain couldn't handle the simple mental gymnastics to get it on there before I sewed the bag together. It still worked out OK though.

I popped in some felt bunting (inspired by Ruby Ellen's Cakies blog) and some hair clips. I bought the clips and the roses from this etsy shop and used the old glue gun to attach them.

I have some of the felt bunting hanging up at my house and it is so cheerful.

Thanks Megan for joining in my Pay it Forward!

I am doing pretty well (I am now 30 weeks along) but my main pregnancy niggle is extreme fatigue which is why I have been a bit absent! But I hope to pop into my blog again soon to show you some other things I have been working on... and maybe finally participate in a meme?


clare's craftroom said...

Love the purse , I just love doilies!

Madeline said...

Pretty, pretty!! I need to make some bunting to cheer up my space.

Fatigue! Agh! At least it's all worth it in the end. Hope these final weeks bring you plenty of rest and relaxation.

Megan said...

thank you again bek, i feel very spoilt by all your goodies!

hope the fatigue disappears soon, before it comes back when your new little one arrives. lots of feet up resting time should be on the cards for you about now :)

Sally said...

Loving all your doily goodness.
... now go rest-up guilt free.