Saturday, June 12, 2010


I never got any nesting urges in my previous pregnancies, but this time around, I feel a little bit like our baby's arrival is a deadline for getting a whole lot of cleaning out and crafting done. I know from previous experience that life does indeed go on after baby comes, but I guess I want to be as prepared as possible to simply enjoy the last time I will bring a newborn home.

Pictured above is Caleb's snuggly blanket. Another giant granny like Jemima's, but a bigger hook (8.5 I think) and Lincraft's Veronica yarn. I started this last year and ran out of yarn, so it's nice to get it finished. And Caleb likes it. So does Chris. So do I. I think that I need to make another one.

These are the result of some impulse buying when I was at Lincraft buying yarn. I bought the letters and used some acrylic paint to decorate. The patterns are traced from the Stencil 101 book by Ed Roth. (But not used as stencils as I wanted the brown to show through the white. For some reason.)

They need to be spray varnished, but as the gloss I have has a warning on it (something about being toxic for unborn babies, yikes) that will be done either later or by someone else!


Megan said...

well done on finishing caleb's blanket, he must be a happy, perfect snuggley blanket weather now too. did you block it? i've never blocked before so i'm interested in who does and who doesn't, so that when i finally get to the end of a crochet project i can decide whether i want to or not!

Madeline said...

I never got any official nesting urges with Levi either. I wonder if I'll get any with this one.

The blanket looks wonderfully cuddly. And, the letters turned out super cute.

Bubby Makes Three said...

psssst - I've dobbed you in for a little quiz I got sent today from a fellow blogger!! Love you to take part, visit my blog tomoz morn for the questions -- no pressure, of course! x

Sally said...

I adore the granny blanket - wonderful colours. I think next blanket I make I'll use a bigger hook. The larger stitches look fantastic.
Hope you're keeping well. Thinking of you!!!

Allana said...

That granny is gorgeous, if you can do those you could certainly manage a little amigurumi. The book I have is brilliant,will be buying myself a copy so I don't pinch it from the library forever. and yes, Spottie for the leather rug. :)