Monday, December 28, 2009

PJs and Cush

How was your Christmas? Good I trust. With Chris' family bash on Boxing Day, and our church service on Christmas Eve, we had the most laid back Christmas in my adult memory. We weren't due anywhere on Christmas day until about 3pm which meant a lazy day. We had BBQ burgers in the backyard which was awesome!

This was the gift I made for Chris. He really loves TV. We all do. As much as it frustrates me sometimes.

Chris gave me an overlocker! I have to admit there have already been some dark times with this overlocker. Honestly, now I have successfully threaded it I feel like I could be a brain surgeon. I spent a good number of hours reading the manual, watching the DVD and mucking around with scraps until I got a workable stitch. I suspect the tension still isn't quite right, it looks a bit sloppy, but it does come with a free lesson, so sometime in January I will get onto that. It has been great I must admit to stretch my brain a little and learn a new skill, and I look forward to lots of makey with my new machine.

This afternoon I made Jemima a nightie using my new overlocker and good ole sewing machine (how lovely and simple she seems after struggling with the serger). I used the same pattern as with this dress. I just used the 4 thread overlock stitch rather than muck around with rolled hems at this stage.

Must get back to some more relaxing. 'tis the season after all.


Kate said...

That cushion is hilarious! Good luck with the overlocker, it'll change your life.

Madeline said...

What a lovely Christmas present...the cushion (very funny) and the serger! Glad y'all had such a relaxing Christmas.

Tania said...

Hey, I LIKE your kind of relaxing - mental note to introduce burger in backyard notion for next Christmas.

Um. Can you tell me everything you overlockery know? Just looking at those contraptions makes me glaze over with the knowledge they require front to back manual reading - and then a truckload of wing and prayer!

Cindy said...

I hope you have lots of fun with your new toy - trust me once you get use to her you will love her deeply I promise! Looks like a perfect celebration to me - hope it is still relaxingly perfect