Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Crafty monkey off my back

I am a bit bummed I haven't been recording all my craftiness of late, because there has been a lot of it! Unfortunately Chris and I have lost our camera argh! which makes posting quite difficult. Mum has come to the rescue as usual and lent us her camera so that I can take pictures of the kids on Christmas day (and of some of my crafty pursuits).

Remember this angsty wedding quilt post? Well months upon hours later here is the finished product! I will finally give it to my brother today (he got married in October... oops). I hope it fits in with their minimalist, trendy, brand new apartment!

This was a true labour of love in that if I didn't love them, this quilt would not be finished! It turned out OK in the end. There are a lot of dodgey bits, and I could have done a lot more quilting on it, but I did as much as I could without experiencing crafty burnout. I ended up hand sewing on the binding, which I actually quite enjoyed, so the project finished on a high.

This will be the only single bed I attempt to machine quilt on my machine, so it is a one off in more ways than one.


13mimosa said...

I think it looks great!

Sally said...

I love the minimalism - shows that quilts don't have to be a busy affair.
Very inspiring indeed!

Wishing you and your mob lots and lots and lots of festive fun! Hope you have much laughter and giggles.

pepper said...

wow, that quilt is gorgeous. What a big project (mine took a year to make. A year of finding little fabric squares in corners and under cushions). Again, gorgeous! I love the colours :)

Erin Bried said...

That quilt is absolutely stunning! And the dodgy bits? Bah, that's what gives it character. What a wonderful gift!

Madeline said...

It looks really pretty! If I didn't hate quilting large items on my machine it would inspire me to make one of my own.
Merry Christmas!