Sunday, December 6, 2009

Makey Crazy

Here is most of the stuff I made last weekend. Gifts for some little people in my life.

2 necklaces from this tutorial by cakies (I have since made another for Jemima, and I think I will do one for me too!). I kind of made up the flowers a bit as I went a long, but I did use this tutorial as a guide.

A doll softie made from a download that came with Parasol Craft magazine. There is also a little brunette one in the works.

A dinosaur softie. I had this idea to do a softie like this a little while ago, and then I saw these by redmag, I thought I'd finally make one because hers look so rad.

Plus a purple "princess skirt" for Miss Jemima, because she only has about 3 tutus... (I am on a mission to crack some tutu code I think. This is my favourite so far, but there are still some glitches I want to eliminate... so I think there will be more tutus in my future.)


Madeline said...

There are some very lucky little people in your life. And, what little girl wouldn't need (or at least want) loads of tutus to romp around in?

dear prudence said...

Just found your blog on Dandelions link. You make beautiful things!

Kelly said...

You have been so busy...these are such lovely gifts :)

Sarah-Jo said...

oohhh the tu tu is beautiful love all the lil trinkets also :)

IndigoElephant said...

Love the tutu Bek! Wish I could swan around in one!