Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ah me.

There is nothing particularly wrong in my neck of the woods, but I am tired and feeling a bit sad.

The tired one stems from Chris' absence. 8 days down, 6 to go. This time around I have just not been able to sleep. Strange really as he has travelled a lot in the past, and I have never experienced insomnia to this degree before. On more than one occasion I have slept with a weapon (a club that a friend brought back from Africa!) because I freaked myself out...

... and we all know what the effects of sleep deprivation can be. Tempers (mine) fray more readily, leading to inevitably to guilt, and problems lead to disproportionate anxiety.

The sad one I can't really elaborate on in a public forum as it involves tragedy that effects someone else, but I am a bit caught up in it as it is just that sad.

One of the coping strategies I employ in such times is to make stuff.

Banana bread from this recipe which is delicious, but Caleb and Jemima took one bite and spat it out. The recipe said it takes an hour to cook, but my tin was different dimensions and it only took 35 minutes. I have had a number of baking failures recently as I am a bit of a novice, so I am pleased that this one is more than edible. For the people over 6 years old in this house anyway.

And some random granny goodness. No real purpose in mind, just using up some wool I have lying around. It had been so long that I had to re-teach myself, and I don't think I am doing the slip stitch properly to do my joining up, but I am enjoying the colours. And the comfort of repetition.


Gina said...

Oh Bek, sorry to hear about the insomnia, nasty. Hard to switch the brain off sometimes isn't it... Justin is away too at the moment, in Beijing, I had a melt-down today even though he's back soon and my sister was here all week to help me out! A bit sad...

CurlyPops said...

Sorry to hear you're feeling down. I hope things improve very very soon. Making stuff is always a good remedy.

Tania said...

Ai yai yai. Sleep is so the key. And I'm developing a disappointing theory with small kids and cake containing banana.

I have been carrying a sad around with me for months. It's not my own and I have never met the friend of a friend who owns it, but it only takes a fleeting thought about it (and I do, frequently), and I am hiccuping away the tears.

Hope those six days whizz by.

tea with lucy said...

I don't do sleep deprivation well either. It's the main reason The Little One doesn't have a sibling yet!

You're over the half way mark and on the home stretch. Hope you can bury yourself in enough stitching and baking to make the time pass quickly.


Christina Lowry said...

I have so much trouble falling to sleep when hubby isn't here. Worst thing I ever did was watch a 'true crime' show on telly late one night. Scared me half to death because those things really did happen... slept with a pocket knife under my pillow!

Crochet and baking sound like the perfect things to while away the next few days. I also take advantage of his absence sometimes and put on music he doesn't like listening to, eat food he doesn't like and watch girly movies.

Madeline said...

I'm so sorry to hear you're having a rough time. Insomnia and sadness are very tough to deal with while caring for little ones. I'm praying that things improve soon. Looks like you've got some pretty good solutions though! ;) Baking and crafting are sure to cheer you up.