Monday, April 30, 2012

KCWC Day 6 and 7

Baby tired of having photo taken

Last day of KCWC was yesterday and I made this little top here. It matches the pants I made the day before, but I'm not sure how often she will wear them together. This is the second time I violated my rule of not buying anything for KCWC- I purchased the pattern for this little top late in the week. It is called "The Amelia Top" and I bought it from Mama Stellato. It is very easy to make, and is a very sweet pattern- and it goes up to a size 5 so it will be good to have on hand for the next few years. It would be cute lengthened into a dress and with flutter sleeves added too for summer. (Can you hear me justify my purchase to myself!?)

The fabric for this dress was from a handmade pillow case I got for free at the Salvation Army Shop. I was getting a few things and this was not tagged, so the sweet old man just threw it in for no charge.

It has been a great week of sewing and flexing my blogger muscle for a bit too. My machine desperately needs a service as the tension is all out (it was a struggle to make this last garment), so I'd better get onto that now. And get some things to make something for Caleb!

Thanks Meg @ Elsie Marley for Kids Clothes Week Challenge! What a ride.


Upstatemamma said...

That shirt is super cute! :) I had such a fun week - I'm kinda bummed it's over.

Sewburbia said...

Oh my, she's gorgeous & great top too! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving some lovely comments!

Anonymous said...

This is very cute! Thanks for sharing the link to the pattern. Jessica

Tania said...

Justify all you like - I 'bought' it from the outset! Too sweet...

Anonymous said...

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