Sunday, April 29, 2012

KCWC Day 5 and 6

Getting a good picture of a toddler is hard work, but when you are also trying to get a clear picture of what they are wearing, it is a job for the professionals! (For this post we will have to make do with me and my iPhone.) 

I wanted to make another pair of pants for Eve, and the best fabric for the job that I had on hand was brown fine-whale cord. Not the world's most inspiring of fabrics. 

Then, I came across this adorable pair of shorts in the KCWC flickr pool and loved them, and they got me thinking about combining the cord with another fabric to relieve it of its oppressive brown-ness. I was going to try and replicate the ties and pocket at the top of the shorts on Hart & Sew, but in the end remembered a little pair of cords I bought last winter for Eve that had bows on the pockets, so pulled them out to see if I could work out how they were made and gave it a go. It was fiddly to be sure, but not too hard. I'll see how they wash up. I used this tutorial to hem the pants in the contrasting fabric. 

I also used the flat front pants tutorial from MADE to adjust my pants pattern, and it was so easy with a really pleasing result. I am loving brown cord now!

I can fly!

Now to the shirt. I am inspired by folk who make their own t-shirts, but I haven't gone there yet. This is a basic tee from KMart. Eve is loving this book at the moment, so I scanned the cover, printed it on printable fabric and appliqued it on with "heat and bond lite" and a zig zag stitch. I have used this printable fabric before on a t-shirt and it does fade (not so good) and soften (good!) considerably with time, but it is fun while it lasts! My seven year old son was worried that I was violating copyright. Am I? It is purely for personal use of course, so I hope I am not, I am a rule follower at the end of the day. Please excuse the threads hanging in the photo. I wish I could be bothered photoshopping them out, but I can't. They are easier to fix up in real life.

I might take a better pic of the pants on a hanger tomorrow along with the little coordinating top I just finished sewing a minute ago. This week has been surprisingly productive. Who would have thought? 

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MiMaraMundo said...

love the pants! so comfy...