Tuesday, February 8, 2011

5 months

Ah, this kid. Cute personified, right?

In the last couple of days Eve has learned to roll from her back to her front, and she often does it seconds after being popped down on the floor- hooray! However, this has meant she has forgotten how to go to sleep! Nooo!

So I am a little tired and spending a lot of time flipping this little one over onto her back when she gets stuck (and should be asleep!). Of course I am happy to help her out, but I am also looking forward to when she can roll herself back again!

I was talking to a doctor today who said that the latest research is showing that some breast-fed babies miss out on iron between 4-6 months if solids aren't started until 6 months or later. Also they can be at higher risk for allergies and some other bits and pieces. So, I will probably start solids this week too. That's kind of a big deal for me. A bit of a growing-up-so-fast-sigh moment...


Madeline said...

Such a cutie!!! Sophia wakes up a lot more now that she's rolling about too. I miss sleep.
If you're wanting to possibly postpone solids, you should be able to get her iron levels checked with a simple blood test. Our pediatrician checks at (I think) 6 months and 9 months.

Jennie said...

I've been convinced by the new iron argument too. Amelia's going to get her first solids when we get back from next week's family holiday - she'll be almost five months. The days of equipment-free feeding will be over, sigh! It's been lovely having a baby who doesn't require a breast pump, bottles, sterliser etc. Now it's all gonna be spoons and Tupperware.

Bubby Makes Three said...

You know, I have an awful feeling I've missed Eliott's 6 month milestone!! I must check my dates tomorrow and rectify immediately, Im sure your little one is at least a month older than him!! I know what you mean about the rolling thing, I had a Safe-T-Sleep which I used with Fern (though for a diff reason - she would wake up, sit up, and not know how to lay back down) but Im using it for Eli to stop him rolling over on his tumy when he sleeps. Works super well and well worth the investment for us! Although Fern is only 2, Ive forgotton basic stuff about solids like when to go to 2 solids instead of 1, when to offer 2 courses etc... you forget so quickly!