Friday, November 26, 2010

12 weeks

12 weeks + 2 days. A delightful little baby. Already sleeping through the night more often than not. And usually quite settled and happy during the day. I can take no credit for this- it is just what she does.

A little bit vintage today! Wearing a dress that used to be mine. I wish mum had kept all my baby clothes (and her clothes so I could wear them now!)- the 70s has made such a comeback. Eve at one month here and two months here.

Me at 12 weeks! A different, but just as sweet, little dress.


Jacqui said...

Eve is a little bit the same as you! sweet!

Angie said...

She looks so contented & sweet.

Congratulations (I'm a bit slow at times) to you all.

I also wish my mum had kept some of the clothes she made for me (although being the eldest perhaps they were eventually just worn to bits!)

Lizeylou said...

What a cutie ... love this pic!!
We are currently getting ready to move and Hubbie is at me to throw away all of the kids clothes that they dont wear anymore ... but I have put my foot down and said there is NO way I am throwing out all of the girls dresses and shoes ... they are just so cute that I want them to be able to put their kids in them one day .... my mum didnt keep any of mine and I so wish she had.

Jennie said...

Eve is a mini-you!

Amy Paul said...

SO sweet.

Ultra special to have a little girl, eh? I felt over the moon when I was blessed with my girl on our 2nd time around.

I think I loved dressing her in her pretties the best!

xx Amy

Kate said...

She is so, so gorgeous!
I wish we had more of our things from when we were little and I'm also struggling to work out what to keep for my girls and their kids.

Jennie said...

I love your series of photos so much that I've started doing my own monthly baby updates:

Madeline said...

She looks so much like you!! So beautiful!
Sophia has practically slept through the night since birth. I feel so lucky. It's definitely nothing I did!