Saturday, November 20, 2010

Show it like it is

Kitchen: previously featured here looking even more charming

Nicole from Bubby makes 3 had a sterling idea. Throw off the shackles of "blog land perfection" and show it like it is.

So I have this special treat for anyone who stumbles by this post. This was my house the moment after I read Nicole's challenge yesterday afternoon. It looks a little better now, but looks like this on a regular basis I'm afraid!

Are you game to take up the challenge?

Argh: The kids' room


CurlyPops said...

Hmmmm don't know whether I dare at the moment ha!

Miss Muggins said...

My house does not look like it usually does! We had an open for inpsection today! There are vases of flowers, clear bennchtops and NO washing to be folded! Wish it always looked like this, actually!

Kalen said...

Your kids room looks like mine & my husband's "adult" room.

Pout. :(


Maxabella said...

Yes, a nice normal home where kids look! So much better than designer, clinical 'white' houses where they must hang the kids on the wall all day. x

Bubby Makes Three said...

I love it, though it is not nearly as bad as you think!! I wish I has a special 'kids room' where I could chuck all the toys into and just shut the door when guests arrive! Thanks for playing!

Dekorasyon Ankara said...


Mammamusing said...

I love the artwork on the wall.

Your kitchen and kids room look like much used and much loved spaces :)