Friday, November 12, 2010

Purple Giveaway- closed

I have become completely sidetracked by my button tin.

Jemima and I were making button hair clips yesterday and I noticed afresh just how many cute tiny vintage buttons are in my possession. So I spent nearly 2 hours trying to nut out a simple felt hair clip design to showcase them. Now, the end result (pictured on black clips above) is not really all that original... how true it is that there are no new ideas... or is it just there are no new ideas in my head? I glue gunned the whole lot together and it seems pretty secure. If you really yank at it it will come apart, but so will pretty much any hair clip I reckon.

After going back and forth between, "is it cute or crap?", I decided that I like it and have been wearing a cream coloured one like so:

I thought maybe you would like one too? So I put together this little package (containing 2 purple felt flowers, with yellow mini buttons and grey leaves and a pair of purple rose earrings) pictured atop this post for a little giveaway. Open to anyone, anywhere.

EDITED: Der. I knew I was tired today- The giveaway ends NEXT Friday as in the 19th of November. Entries close Thursday the 18th at midnight my time. My original post said it ended today (the 12th)- not so!


Mama Mogantosh said...

First comment? NOBODY ELSE comment here and I will be the winner. yay! These are super cute. Ivy, to my sadness, has decided she won't let me cut her hair anymore. Goodbye, little Louise Brooks bob. Hello, hair elastics.

ps- you look hot in that cream clip, sister. HOT!

Amy Paul said...

ooh ooh, sorry MM - I love those bits too much to not comment!

hurrah - i'm in!

Monique said...

I take my hat off to you Bek. 3 kids and you are crafting goodness like this. You have my vote for supermum (and I am nit just trying to sweet talk you!!)

Sally said...

So gorgeous!

We've been having big time bad hair here so we've got our fingers crossed.

Sarah Slaven said...

I'll sneak a last minuet comment in. I think they are cute and I know a fashionista 8yr old who would love them.