Monday, October 4, 2010

A new t-shirt for Jemima

I came across Rocket and Bear recently and loved this idea of putting a favourite cuddly toy on a t-shirt. Lucy sells these t-shirts in her etsy store and shop. As I understand it, you send her a photo of a beloved toy, and she prepares the image and prints it onto a high quality t-shirt for you.

I thought I would DIY this one using t-shirt transfer paper I bought from Kmart. This is Kea, Jemima's fur baby. She actually has 3 of them as Chris and I thought it safer to have a few on standby as she had become such a favourite. She can tell the difference between them all though (only a mother could tell them apart), but she loves them all equally.

The transfer is pretty glossy and stiff, but she really loves her Kea t-shirt and it has already had an outing. It has cracked and bubbled a bit in the wash so doesn't look so flash anymore... to avoid these problems you could buy one from Rocket and Bear!

What I didn't DIY was one of these amazing tutus! I bought one this week for Jemima's Christmas present, and it is one of those gifts you just know will be a real winner for many years to come! There are free tutorials online for something similar (can't remember where), but I just know making one with all those layers and ruffles would do my head in and I would never be happy with it. Looking forward to Christmas already! (I just realised I have given Jems a tutu for Christmas every year. Haha. I think this one trumps the ones I have made though.)

PS Lucy knits and crochets really pretty blankets too. She has a very nice little shop.

PPS I think one of the hardest things for me about having a newborn even 3rd time around is "doing the right thing". She is very refluxy and so has difficulty settling to sleep more times than not, and often needs lots of cuddles to help her relax and go to sleep. I worry that she won't learn how to "self soothe", but then I think dammit, she is my last baby and if she needs a cuddle or to sleep in her sling, I will do it gladly. (Before I know it she will be 3 and a half and we will be scratching our heads wondering where our baby went.)

Since having Caleb, I tell all parents of newborns when they are stressing about how to set baby up to be happy and good sleepers is that my experience of the literature is that everyone says something different, so do what pleases you and baby. I need to listen to my own advice.


CurlyPops said...

I've used those transfers to make fake Mickey Mouse and other (insert random character of the month here)t-shirts for my nephews. Much cheaper!
I think Jemima's tee is very sweet.

Sarah Slaven said...

Jemimas shirt is so sweet mmm I'm thinking christmas gifts.
You are right about the settling if cuddles is what brings happyness cuddle away. My forth and last is almost two and soon all I will have is gentle memories of rocking babys to sleep I would hate for them to be replaces by the sound of crying.

Sally said...

I bought the transfer printer paper ages ago to do this... must put it higher on my list of things to do - the T-shirt looks awesome!

Madeline said...

That's good advice. Levi was very refluxy and needed tons of cuddling. It turned out that I loved the cuddling just as much as he did. :) Cuddle away!

Karen said...

Hug her, hug her, hug her! After having twins (with whom I developed really good sleeping habits for out of necessity) I loved having #3 who I could cuddle and allow to sit up with us a little.
They really are small for far too little time.
Love that t-shirt - really cute idea.