Saturday, October 23, 2010

Introducing ESJAY Creative... pluggity plug

Excuse me while I put on my proud-big-sister hat for a moment... and potentially post too many photos (sorry)!

My sister Sarah has taken the plunge and officially started her own photography business, ESJAY Creative!

I am really fortunate to have a photographer in the family that does such lovely work. Her family photography is artistic, but natural and the photo shoots themselves are fun to take part in- and I HATE having my picture taken. A lot.

She is great with my kids, obviously being their “Aunty Sarah”, but I have observed her with lots of other children and kids love her… and consequently she gets great shots.

She is also a first class photo retoucher. Now, I know retouching (especially of children) is controversial in some circles. But there is retouching, and there is retouching, if you know what I mean. Sarah gets great results from working with the colours of her images and she can remove things/people in the background to enhance pictures… and of course lighten any bags under one’s eyes or remove a blemish that isn’t usually there… She is not going to change what you look like, but make you and your loved ones look their natural best- she isn’t going to give you a 2D nose job (unless you particularly want her to, I guess.)

As well as family photography, she offers corporate headshots, photography for private functions (including weddings), live music photography, band promo and “ubooth” where she sets up a “photo booth” at your function (fun!).

Her prices are extremely reasonable as she is just starting out on her own. So if you are in the market for some photography (and Sydney is not geographically impossible), look her up!

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Lizeylou said...

What gorgeous photos .... Lots to treasure. What a clever sister you have!!