Monday, May 10, 2010

Craft for baby

We had our 18-21 week scan a few weeks ago and discovered that our baby is (most likely) a little girl. The radiographer was extremely confident, I just like to have an element of doubt "just in cases".

Nevertheless, I indulged in my first bit of baby craft which is pretty girly on purpose. I struggle with crochet when the size it ends up is really important. Hats are tricky for example. And despite the fact I did the what-you-may-call-it tension testy thing, this cardy turned out OK... But probably a little big width wise and a little short length wise, and the arms are huge, with the "wrist holes" smallish. I was gunning for newborn size, but we shall see. Certainly too big for a newborn, but maybe by 3 months (yes, when it will be pretty much summer!) she will get to wear it.

I used a pattern from "Weekend crochet for babies" by Sue Whiting which I borrowed from the library. It has really sweet patterns in it, but as always with me and crochet patterns, they always have a bit or two where the directions seem ambiguous.

I know some people prefer the gender of their baby to be a surprise when baby is born, but I am so pleased to "know". It makes me feel like this is really happening, and allows us to do a little bit of planning. (But if "she" turns out to be a "he" on D-day, we won't be at all disappointed.)


Gina said...

Awww, such a cute cute little cardigan, even if in the end it only fits a Teddy bear... In fact it'd be perfect on a teddy for your littlest one.

I get what you mean, knowing about the sex. It is a great way to feel connected to the bub which is hard after the first pregnancy I think. I also love knowing what friends are having. Do you're due late sept?

Madeline said...

Awwwww....yay, for girly crafting and a sweet little girl on the way! Congratulations!

Sally said...

How exciting... a little girl. (Although it would be just as exciting if it was a little boy!)

Great cardy. Loving the colour loads. Those buttons are ace too!

Kate said...

Eeeeep a girl! yay!
That cardi is just too cute.
I am also crap at crochet that needs to be a size and the cardi I made for a newborn two weeks ago that I thought would fit her this summer (it is short sleeved) was worn by her today!

tea with lucy said...

Yay for a baby girl! Glad the scan went well.

Good weather for making baby woollens isn't it? (Although your skills are far more advanced than mine!)

Hope you're feeling well.